well? perhaps.

this site has been draining itself
dry for months now

it's just plain silly how very true
that the more you open
the more you leave exposed,
out your control,
the more that flows,
flows from you
you alone

so let's put on this act
the one that we've rehersed
to the point that the lines we recite
become wrinkles
on an exhausted face

so many things are just plain over.


gushing is the last one would expect

and i was preoccupied, changing my name,
creating a fictional address
just so i could buy porn online

what little chariot of wild horses
would come bearing down upon
this stick frozen by time and the chill of a lake?

i, for one, was not sticking around
to find out

the scene always reveals itself in the past tense
and the arches of feet ache for the miles of rocky
dust ahead

sometimes a shoulder stand is better
than a head stand.