haiku, for now

The leaves fall - rake time
Again, a bit of world dies
Rake them up. Again, spring.


This is the belated fall.
Let's see what is lost and what shall be sewn
into summer day dreams of what
was then  was now


I am the Ordinary

The Ordinary

I am all of the ordinary things
You put into a box, and store away
“to deal with later”

I am all of the ordinary things
that tangle
with other ordinary things, Living
in the junk drawer, waiting to be used –
Visible only when searching for the scissors, or a rubber band,
a part of the mess, a nuisance

You are the flashlight
that sees only what it wants –
all else is dark
What little light you spare
falls onto others, less ordinary,
Or just as lucky as I was
Once upon a time:
To be pulled from the dark,
only to return
to the light cast by your shadow

I take what I can get, Even
the Ordinary


Unusual Spending on Home

Often, I have found
a locus, a fly, a cockroach – dead, yet

whole on the ground
the body of the insect dry as a tomb
empty, like so many robbed graves

a Sailboat, a Motorboat, another Sailboat
each covered with tattered, weathered wings – a blue tarp
spread across its carapace

This strip of land is a place where dreams go to die,
good intentions to fix, repair, rebuild, reuse, Resurrect

      Echo through the hollowed shells
      that represent my father’s hallowed vision of

Stray dogs without a home, make shelter where they can take it
Find food in others’ discarded remains of a meal
      They howl, at something, somebody, into the wind

Cries so loud, so poignant

This is where dreams have died, and
Ships sailed long ago

Take in another stray – someday he might love you
the way he never could