alternative skies, and opposite risings of the sun

provide an element of escape,
for a while
then it's Back
From The Time Change, to
old realities
brief encounters
with the same faces
you didn't miss
while you were out

if Fast Forward is always
the speed of life to which you
when does the PlayBack begin?

fog begins to burn
off of hillsides I have taken in
as new friends, morning confidants
and I'm already dreading the plane that waits
thirteen hours from now for me

why can't Escape be a part of
Real Time? Virilio says Real Time
is prevailing over Real Space - we have become
the architects of our own
Speed Pollution - the ability to author is not dead,
just threatened by widening gaps between
push and publish...active
and inactive...

"The ship that sinks says much more to me about technology than the ship that floats!"

why fight this little bit of writing
on this little bit of blog?

let me, instead, walk into the mist
of paragraphs better left unsaid
and wrap myself in the silence of bodily travel,
of transport by quiet information,
inviting the delay
between Here and Now
as a new friend that refuses
to be
given a Name.


malaise is the new mauve

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someone said we are all cartoons -
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velvet pants can only get you so far
- is that thought comforting?
can it be?

perhaps it is more claustrophobic than anything

then there were no words

somewhere someone was sleeping and said
- i know i try and you cannot give

well, isn't that what we do?
walk awake to run at night,
remind our legs of their purpose?

i, for one, cannot stand
on more than three legs

then the damn butterfly metaphor
fluttered into the room again,
unannounced, as always

a canteen eventually runs dry
and maps charting an escape
lead to too many places
we've already been


this weekend, and in other news

Buried Treasure

"...from the rock, lying with its head bent back as if held by the current against a stream bank, it evokes, far better than any mounted skeleton, a real animal that lived and died..."
[emphasis added]


Current Headlines

"...there is not much research about how...[relatively stable institutional environments]'play the game' when the old 'rules of the game' are gone and new rules are..."


The Center of the World

"...when he assumed power...[it]...was still on its knees...from the decade-long catastrophe of the Cultural Revolution..."

noted, from the passenger seat, located on the side of the road (an obvious error of judgement made by one in the driver's seat), a young,

White-tailed Deer

"...one can estimate the age of whitetails by examination of the teeth. At 9 months of age the fawn will be acquiring the middle pair of permanent incisors while the remainder of the incisors as well as the premolars will be milk teeth. At this age one molar on either side of each jaw is well developed while the second is barely breaking through the gum. At the age of 1½ years all milk incisors have been replaced by permanent teeth. At least two molars are fully developed while the third may be in any condition from barely emerging from the mandible to fully emerged. At the age of 2 years the full set of permanent teeth is acquired. Beyond 2 years age determination is somewhat uncertain but can be roughly estimated by the wearing of the teeth. Wear of the teeth is gradual until at 5 years the ridges of enamel are no longer sharp, but rise slightly and gradually above the dentine. At still later ages the crowns of the premolars and molars rise only a short distance above the gums, and the grinding surfaces are worn practically smooth.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is almost impossible to determine accurately the age of deer by the number of points on the antlers."

Like walking through an Open House and seeing little red and blue dashes on the corner of a kitchen wall, lines that mark the (former) territory,

so much depends upon

growth and Development through Enterprise