alternative skies, and opposite risings of the sun

provide an element of escape,
for a while
then it's Back
From The Time Change, to
old realities
brief encounters
with the same faces
you didn't miss
while you were out

if Fast Forward is always
the speed of life to which you
when does the PlayBack begin?

fog begins to burn
off of hillsides I have taken in
as new friends, morning confidants
and I'm already dreading the plane that waits
thirteen hours from now for me

why can't Escape be a part of
Real Time? Virilio says Real Time
is prevailing over Real Space - we have become
the architects of our own
Speed Pollution - the ability to author is not dead,
just threatened by widening gaps between
push and publish...active
and inactive...

"The ship that sinks says much more to me about technology than the ship that floats!"

why fight this little bit of writing
on this little bit of blog?

let me, instead, walk into the mist
of paragraphs better left unsaid
and wrap myself in the silence of bodily travel,
of transport by quiet information,
inviting the delay
between Here and Now
as a new friend that refuses
to be
given a Name.

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