ways to torture a broken wing

stem from the insecurities that are best hidden by daily engagments with calendar items
to do lists
checking stock quotes...

a yellow door is the gateway
to admitting one's failure at
facing the hard stuff

but that's why we turn away, isn't it?
because it's "the hard stuff"
the difficult things
really facing the issues
at hand
stuck on the bottom of your shoe

mourning any loss
only concludes when we die
we become a collection of souls we encounter,
the pennies given to us as change
from hands we never hold
histories we never meet,
as we let the change
drop to the ground
and pass away

we keep the private stuff private
and annouce our commings and goes on away messages,
email reply receipts
"out of town"
"not here..."
"currently away from the computer..."

currently away
from any sense of responsibility
to the past
we refuse to face
to touch
to admit
to the ones that matter(ed) the most.

(all of us are with wings.)

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