I am in an Underground Sea

I am in an Underground Sea

Pain floating riot
drugs on drugs floating
menthol vapors incense
coffee whiskey prayers 
meditations quotations 
transcend art suffering
body and an internet
puppy meme

I write,
eyes rolled up to brow
p’s be
come b’s
waves of sea on seas
sex-less ache washes 
down dirty left
useless arm
traveling without destination, fool

ice on scapula
ice on shoulder
ice on back, jaw
under blade
teeth like, a plumb
line drawn down 
body taking
sides: left right
female male yin yang
motherside merges with 
father, iron blanket 
spread across 
broken not broken
a whole family of
pain its own
language & punctuation, not
broken, I sleep

strange whispers across evening 
spread, Perfect Sleep
hypnosis track complete –

drawers of scarves jewelry
a watch rich finery my
sister’s hand fingers
a message whispered: Lupus
Was it for me?
I wake
before feet descend
into the shallow
end of morning,
next move