Discussing categories of Art earlier

and then reading this line:

"the human soul resists taxonomy"

how appropriate. my point exactly. there is no line; stop looking, and you will finally see the line for yourself.


In case the last one didn't fool you...

it was all a farce...well, except for the driving stick shift.

anyway. new news is good news:

my first nyc show


but, the good (?value judgment?) thing is that

i've accomplished already so many of my life-long goals, in just one short year (the former, 2006).

and in no particular order:

1 - Travel to the pyramids
2 - Donate all of my Baby Sitter Club Books to my high school (oh it was such a difficult parting!)
3 - Learn how to drive stick shift - sweet...
4 - Finally buy (and use a back-up hard drive (now all my pre-K-fed Britney is safe and my computer is ready for the post-baby birth re-birth!)
5 - Watch Dirty Dancing (i know, i know) for the first time
6 - Organize all of my photographs, yes, even the baby pictures :)
7 - Learn French (...kissing, that is) with my eyes closed
8 - Teach my grandmother how to knit

Bring it ON two thousand and sev-en!

lay-dee like

wow, my goodness. who wrote that last post? heavens to betsey! ME oh MY!

(again, "so this is the new year/and i don't feel any different")