In case the last one didn't fool you...

it was all a farce...well, except for the driving stick shift.

anyway. new news is good news:

my first nyc show


Bruce said...

Hmmmm. I should have known better. Nothing is ever quite what it seems here! Or perhaps that's purely a problem with my perception - taking things too literally...?

Anyhoo, please accept a large pile of congratulations as concerns NYC. I'm not so up on where abouts in the US it's best to have a presence in the field of "What?! What? What is that supposed to be? Jesus, it's looks horrible! Did we pay to get in here and see this? I'm outraged - look at me, I'm in a visible state of rage! What on earth, oooooo........wait a mo, look at that. I get it. That's, that's, well that's, you know, that's amazing. Cor." but I'm guessing NYC has to be pretty much it. Well done KC!

p.s. I' can't believe I missed 'The Museuem is the Massage."! I'd catch a flight over tomorrow etc etc.....


Bruce said...

Wait - I've just seen the title of this post properly.....is the 'last one' the last show? The Massage? Have I been fooled 3000 miles away? Again?


Bruce said...

Or the last post?!?!?!?!?!

I'm not even drunk - I'm going home.