but, the good (?value judgment?) thing is that

i've accomplished already so many of my life-long goals, in just one short year (the former, 2006).

and in no particular order:

1 - Travel to the pyramids
2 - Donate all of my Baby Sitter Club Books to my high school (oh it was such a difficult parting!)
3 - Learn how to drive stick shift - sweet...
4 - Finally buy (and use a back-up hard drive (now all my pre-K-fed Britney is safe and my computer is ready for the post-baby birth re-birth!)
5 - Watch Dirty Dancing (i know, i know) for the first time
6 - Organize all of my photographs, yes, even the baby pictures :)
7 - Learn French (...kissing, that is) with my eyes closed
8 - Teach my grandmother how to knit

Bring it ON two thousand and sev-en!

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Bruce said...

Hey KC - long time. I'll keep it brief;

1: V. Envious.
2: I suspect I have no idea what this really entails emotionally; I suspect coz I'm not an American. It does kinda remind me of Calvin and Hobbes though.
3: It's not officially called 'driving' unless it is manual (stick). Otherwise you might as well be in a golf cart. (Personal opinion but I do spend alot of time rally driving so I like to think I've qualified my opinion.) Congratulations none the less K.
4: The Enigma was easier to crack than this one! I'm assuming this would be tunes by Britneigh before she got hitched to whatsisname. And what's this - are you preggers K?! (I guess I should backtrack on your blog a bit.) If so, well, congrats!
5: There's a sequel - probably best avoided though.
6: I always had you down as being thoroughly organised...
7: This one is the real reason why I stopped everything, dropped stuff, hung up on someone, stubbed my toe, swore and sat down. WHAT?! I am lost for words - looking at your picture (which you might like to update - c'mon, it's been awhile) and reading your words it seems almost a crime that you've only just now got to grips with 'tipping the velvet'. No, I guess the reason I feel so aggreieved is that I didn't get to school you myself. Damn. (O, I am drunk. Sorry - feel free to remove this comment.) (Actually, NO, don't remove it, please. Be accommodating of a inebriated muppet!)
8: What? She's been too busy windsurfing? (like my granny.)

ALways a pleasure KC.