fits and starts

motivation isn't always the problem >> often it's a matter of remaining dedicated to the form of expression initiated. how can patience be retained if the pace is increasingly difficult to fathom? i get caught up, swept up by the colors, images, faces, words, that brush against the side of my cheeks, arms, legs, touching the hairs lightly, briefly. i worry that i cannot keep up, and if i pause for just a moment, i will miss something. biggest fear = missing out: on opportunity, on information. perhaps in this time the greatest handicap is to be missing information; without culturally valued data, how can you form a voice that will be recognized, let alone heard and deemed worthwhile? paralysis.

pa-ral-y-sis n
  1. loss of voluntary movement as a result of damage to nerve or muscle function
  2. failure to take action or make progress

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