The sea I suck in deeply, extending the fingers as oars to type waves into the words

...are splashes upon splashes of papers sticking themselves up out of books, posted driftwood -- "hey, save me first, anchor these words!" attention drawn by the highlights, maximized minimum space (black text on white) of 15-20 pages >> nevermind; due three weeks ago...

The form of the index card - constraint? release? retention? reminder?

How do we know what is important?

If it makes its way off the page, through the eyes, to the brain, signaling the hand

1. reach for pen
2. reach for paper
3. write the black ink configured as you see it,
4. record the moment of reading
5. to translate it - later - into a era of knowledge

then it is given a portable reference/record. One that can be owned, traveled with, accessed again upon whim, no need for a library check-out.

With all the information that is possible, how do we know what is important to know?

We mark its importance through its recording, picking the object closest to us for the translation:

The index card

A believer himself in the index card, Barthes (in Roland Barthes) remarked on the action of using it as a tool to record data:

"Still warm, nothing is yet to be determined of its quality: stupid? dangerous? insignificant? worth keeping? to be thrown away? to be focused? to be protected?"


aeffect21 said...

youve won, damit. i didnt want to get sucked into this whole nonsense of blogging, art criticism and the cynicism that follows shortly thereafter, but it happened so i might as well go with it. so here are my comments 1. the horoscope link is not up to date, i got yesterdays today 2. how come u havent updated your site with new text yet 3. somehow i ended up zoning out for 15mins after looking at that nice bed pic you have so selfishly provided.......my bed here in greece sucks. the pillows are too high, very uncomfortable. in fact so uncomfortable that i cant fall asleep and have decided to pass the time by reading. yes, i have bought a book here and i intend to see it the whole way through. i have less than 100 pages of a 600 page book which mind u i purchased 3 days ago. proud? u should be. i know i am. maybe this reading thing isnt as bad as what i previously thought (but please, dont break out those god awful babysitter club books tho!). finally this enlish major is accepting her fate. nerdom. but perhaps my studio art major will also kick in and say fuck it, and give up on the whole thing.
anyhow, i just wanted to let you know that ive made 2 decisions in my life... 1.i am going to study under a world renowned greek sculpture here in athens 2. i am going to cornell for grad school in fall '06 after i finish up my last semester in hawaii. nice right? i figured what the hell i might as well go to an ivy league grad school and snub it with all those snotty, intellectuals. i think it would be great to see how "the other half lives".
so yesterday i was at the saudi arabian embassy at a private party. it was quite interesting to say the least. i of course being the typical american college student was basically the "free loader" of the event, who just came to dine on all the free food, lobster and salmon and try everything else there. yes, i put my "brownie bites" to good use, smallest portions = greatist diversity of sustanance. i left with a pang in my stomach from overconsumtion, pang in my feet from 2 hour intrapment in very small stilettos and throbing headache from making a fool of herself upon introductioin to a prince of saudia arabia. all in all it was a spectaculiar evening. ps i stole some posters and art books there for u.
holy shit! lol im at the internet cafe right now typing this and i just watched a stray dog take a shit on someones bike!!! well when u gotta go i guess u gotta go. alright speaking of which i have to go i miss u and i love u, congradulations on your evil ways of luring me into the blogging world and of course on the diversity of the topics in which you are currently exploring on your sight, very insightful.

aeffect21 said...

shit, i meant site not sight. i knew that.

aeffect21 said...

lalalalalalala im going c-r-a-z-y! lol BYE