sex lies and videotape

i watched sex, lies and videotape for the first time last night. what a trip! i wish i knew what the popular response to that film was back in its day.

i enjoyed it for its oh-so-quaint lens into the circa 1989 representation of people's relationship to video technology and its fetishized use in mediating the late 20th century notion of "the confession."

today's version (perhaps): http://www.dailyconfession.com. or, of course, the mtv-patented confessional booth in The Real World.

"Told to tell in detail what she had done she replied, 'I have already told you the truth.' Then she screamed and said 'Tell me what you want for I don't know what to say.' She was told to say what she had done, for she was tortured because she had not done so, and another turn of the cord was ordered. She cried 'Loosen me, Senores and tell me what I have to say: I do not know what I have done, O Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner!'"
-- In Lea, Spanish Inquisition.

eh. i could get more into this stuff but i have to save it for an upcoming installation piece. besides. it's saturday. and there's nothing else to do.

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Bruce said...

Hello Gorgeous,

I have been away. I missed your verbose musings. I look forward to slipping back into them like one might into a warm bath of honey.

Hope you have been well. Glad to see you haven't aged a day.