it's a nice day

for a white wedding

it's a nice day
start again


Bruce said...

A surprise to mine eyes
Such lyrics from your fingertips.

I know the request to be crude
But do you have anymore pictures of you?

(A response I shall not wait for
But the question was asked.)

Hope, tis a wunnerful fing.....
take it EZ KC.

kathryn cornelius said...

if you are interested in obtaining additional photos, a secure server purchase can be made via my paypal account. all photos are $100 each, and are represented by a limited edition of 15, per the artist-encoded digital file specifications.

please contact me with your request. serious inquiries only. thank you.

Bruce said...

Certainly I am serious in my line of inquiry. Me, joke? Pah! Never! However, I want to make it quite clear that I am interested in a picture of you not by. Although, as I have expressed in the past, I would be interested to see more of your work. I doubt I will 'get it' but it's always worth a try.

This is not intended to make me sound like some horny webcam-wanker. I just find your profile, in thoughtful repose, most alluring and am intrigued to see more of you. Unknown faces can change radically between different pictures, angles, expressions. I guess I just want to get a more complete picture of you.

As is the done thing, before I part with my virtual cash, perhaps a sample or three?

Then again, if you pull any harder my leg will come off.