when was the last time

you felt like this was the last time?

...that the final vowels had been laid into place, ordered like dominos, set and ready for the verbal take-off, launch pad, breaking point?

when was the last time you heard the words loud and clear?

...the words for the pit of anger that sits deep in your gut and makes a nest there,
the words that screech out in stark pink venom, the consonants barely holding together the energy tearing open the seems?

when was the last time you got the message
heard the call
answered the door
turned around
and gained two inches to your height because that was the right thing to do. the right thing to say.
heal::to wrap your arms around it, feeling the kern of each letter and loving it as the last.

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krankekunst said...

I'm my own same man,
And do situate to tell you,
You as you are,
All our folly, ever,
The hyperbole of
All-together tremendous
Berth you live in---all

Our secrets end up as smoke.