weakness bends at the knees

and i'm stuck here forcing
a backwards walk
to a forward march

side front
side back
elbow to elbow
back again and
side side side side
to the knees

hanging around
always hanging around
an email clawed itself into my mind
(your lack of punctuation: always the cliff-hanger to a tragic ending.)

and what little time have we really spent
on anything beyond
the Anyway. Nevermind.
about us, about
us? (false positive equals definite negative.)

sleep watches itself lie
and breath sings its own volumes to sleep

tell me when this is over
quiet operator.


Bruce said...

Bluetooth Headset Manipulation? Yeah, I'll be there. Hang on, I'll be just a minute, seriously, I'm there dude, yep, yawn, snore.

Well KC, you've deleted some of my comments in the past, tell me you're gonna vapourise this'un?!

(p.s. Are there any Cliff notes for your poetry...?)

(Ahh, Bruce, you're definitely gonna get it for that!)

Kriston said...

A sexy poem.