today is a good day for this one, a still life

by William Carlos Williams

so much depends
a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


(pay attention to the ordinary, the small things

the quotidian.)

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krankekunst said...

by Wallace Stevens, The Search for Sound Free from Motion

All afternoon the gramophone
Parl-parled the West Indian weather.
The zebra leaves, the sea
And it all spoke together.

The many-stanzaed sea, the leaves
And it spoke all together.
But you, you used the word,
Your self its honor.

All afternoon the gramaphoon,
All afternoon the gramaphoon,
The world as word,
Parl-parled the West-Indian hurricane.

The world lives as you live,
Speaks as you speak, a creature that
Repeats its vital words, yet balances
The syllable of a syllable.