no surprise

an artist quoted on a starbucks cup:

"In an age when pictures have become more eloquent than words, schools are still programmed to reduce the child's immersive interaction with the visual world to the practical poverty of the alphabet. Visual literacy should become a pedagogical priority in order to prepare our children to function within the increasingly visual complexity of our environment." - Vik Muniz

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Bruce said...

"Pictures more eloquent than words...teach our kids etc." I'm sorry but whoever laid down that claptrap is clearly part of whatever problem they are attempting to address. If you cannot find eloquence in words, be it active or passive, than you are simply not using your brain. Words came after wall paintings as a means of record and, fundamentally, communication and if we are reverting back to imagery as the dominant than hasten armageddon for it will be all we deserve. Make a nice picture probably too.