No one expects to hear a thing here

because I have been so inactive for so long. I think as the masses of voices started to take over the airwaves back in late 2004/early 2005, I felt it was a good time to retreat. And there's always the question of when it is appropriate to wear a veil of anonymity. Frankly, I stopped wanting to establish a particular voice online once I got about 4 months into it, back in early 2004. I saw how things were going to go down. Brand yourself through your posts and profile, etc. etc. or be of little consequence. I didn't want to pay the cost of that kind of labor.

Now that there are so many voices out there, with well established online identities, I think I can go back to why I liked blogging in the first place; it was a little space where I could work-out the constant thinking going on inside my head. Granted, I've calmed down with age (ugh, 4 years is a long time), so I might not post as much now as I did back then, but oh well. I am reading and writing this as a conversation with my shadow. Feel free to watch. Or not. Shadows don't have feelings.

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Anonymous said...

are you sure that shadows have no feelings? I think a lot of the time mine does. And I'm glad because I am coming to count on it.

Hey, we have the same name. I googled myself and found you. Cool.

There was also a golfer, and a student of linguistics at UCLA the same time I was there, about 150 years ago. I personally like our name...

I wish you all good things,
another Kathryn