It Was Beautiful, Then (#latervision)

It was beautiful / It is beautiful

Time eventually gave up
and slipped away
Our skin grew light and transparent, dissolving
Two beings intertwined energetically
No backwards no forwards

Being.  With you,
I felt drunk, intoxicated
Yet I was 20 days sober,
and with that clarity rang an all-knowing vision, intuition
Our past, our future - lives lined up like books on a shelf -
We knew the words of the stories, without reading a damn thing

"But I love to read!  That's my thing!" I say, and
We both laugh
I let my head fall back and my hair sway as I hold my arms
Together around your neck, safe and secure in the perch of your lap

It is beautiful.  This. Is.

And I am happy.
And I am grateful.

And I am healing,
And I am almost

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