ANNOUNCEMENT: Monday, April 19th 6:30-9pm

Georgetown Festival of Fine Art

This is a week long event that has been developed by undergraduate student, Montana Ray, with the help of other undergraduates and myself. **I'll post more later about this event: the whys, hows, etc.

New South Building, Riverside Lounge
Georgetown University
37th & O St.
Georgetown, Washington DC

Monday, April 19th - 6:30-9pm

Panel Discussion
"Georgetown University and its Relationship with the Washington DC Art Scene"

Dr. John Brough, Professor, Philosophy
Calvin Custen, Professor, Studio Art
Kathryn Cornelius, Graduate Student, Artist
Jessica Eagan, Graduating Senior, Fine Art
Martin Irvine, Assistant Professor, Gallery Owner
Stoff Smulson, Alumnus, Artist

"Mythology Machine / Chain Value" - Kathryn Cornelius and collaborators

Art Exhibit
Monday April 19th to Friday April 23rd, 2004 12-6pm
Work by Students, Faculty and Alumni

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