What if we were to read with the mind attached to the body?

To feel the physical impact of the words spread across the page --- Grass becomes a synonym for the hairs of the arm as it lifts to turn to the next one --- Stumble is to literally break one’s own fall by the already sitting position during the act of drinking another's sentences --- Vastness is the hungry stomach’s cavity of waiting between paragraphs, chapters, strung across experience as bits of cloth on clotheslines, white flags of standing [sitting] strength, not surrender; firmness is the grip on the book and the fingers’ comfortable strain to have softness while shelving the writing of someone else, accessing words through the orifices of the eyes lifted over the palms, face up, touching text to find texture.

Too many times we lose awareness of the physical body in the act of its intellectual pursuits. Living parallel lives, performing different functions yet supporting each other’s act, the disembodied mind thinks itself dominant over the body while the body remembers and whispers, Hey, I’m breathing here…

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