Counting down

to art-o-matic.

Saw a sign for a company today called "Think Play," slogan = "Everybody Plays." I have an issue with that name, mostly regarding the enforced relationship between two actions that, to me, have nothing to do with each other at all.

I was reminded of the piece for Art-o-Matic that a friend, Mark Stark, finished installing yesterday. Greg Minah and I ended up playing inside his installation in a way that would seem off from the piece itself...

A few notes to be filled in later (and I'll take a photo of the piece and get it up here):

body v. brain
hegemony of thought
relegation of senses to informants, rather than processors
dylan thomas

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Bruce said...

Good luck, good luck. Eager to see the picture of your installation.

What, no thought during play? Is playing mindless by your definition? I disagree but then again I am overly enamoured with thinking; constantly, irrepressibly and at all times. Especially when playing; the piano, the console, the hockey, the fool.

ta ta
p.s. your picture is still looking lovely.