early morning stretching routines

before seven a.m.

the cat is awake
in the neighbor's window
the bird(s) is(are) awake
sounding alarms
(chirp! chirp! awake! awake!)

the leaves are awake
and dying
the wind helps them along, i guess
(there might be some secret suicide pact behind such things.)

the apple on the windowsill still smells
of waiting, waiting for the bannana,
or the pear,
to seduce it
from its own dance
of fermentation

shake dreams and early morning thoughts
from the branches and boughs
of bending trees
(they too, are dying. and they know it.)


some things just know how to let it go
before seven a.m.


Bruce said...

Hmmm. I'm there. Although I never am. Pre 0700 hours I'm more:

Cheek peeled from pillow,
Crusty dribble patch fragments,
Open eye focuses on digits
(It's before seven a.m.)
Internal collapse of the head.
This is MY dawn of the dead.

Get on that.

kathryn cornelius said...

Bruce (whoever you are; the only Bruce I know is my best friend's car):

find your rhythm and stick to it.

--- //// ---

i heard a bird, thought of the color blue, was reminded of my friend Kelly's artwork (http://www.kellytowles.com), and that's how that began, how a thought, a sound, a color, began to be carved into the code - body> font> br> br> br> br> /font>/body> CLOSE WORDS / OPEN WINDOW

kathryn cornelius said...

in my last post i really wanted to post the true code for the funcitons, but because this stupid GUI application for the NON-CODING WORLD doesn't accept at LEAST the PRE> tag, i had to kill the starting < and by pass the laws i learned so long ago.

some things always stay the same.