love is a short name

for dismissal, of the many things that require attention,

such as

doing the dishes
filing your bills, your nails
cataloging years of birthday cards received
and boxing the funny/sentimental/thiswillworkforsomeoccassion hallmark greetings picked up along the way that haven't received a receiver (yet)

oh, and there's that little thing
the tape always running in the background, composing the static of the day:

what are you still doing here, my love?
my sweet, sweet sweet Misses/d Opportunity
...your lungs have finally grown (time to leave Intensive Care)
time has come and time has passed and time will keep coming and when will "keep" finally be
the last stitch unstitched, the one keeping your lips closed from shouting to yourself

love is the short name
Attention! to the call -

(early beginners, late bloomers, one, too, and all)

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